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Li-Qua-Che Papermache Doll Bodies

 Over the years there have been innovations pop up from time to time that have changed the world of porcelain dollmaking.  One such innovation is the making of the doll bodies from paper mache.

This new product of Li-Qua-Che will excite and enthuse you once you have worked with it .

Have a look at this video, we are excited by this you will be excited as well.

For years we dreamed of a product that would enable us to create doll bodies, that were light, durable and easy to work with. A product you could drop on the floor and it would survive. A dollmaker's dream product.

Well dollmakers, here it is and it's called Li-Qua-Che. We are the New Zealand agents and we now have this magical product in store. It comes in 3.5 litre pails, and will be an economical, and easy way to make doll bodies.

Here is what the manufacturers say...

Li-Qua-Che from Activa is a casting compound that is not fire hardened. It air dries to form a hard, durable and break-resistant product. It is designed to be used with plaster molds and is a very easy casting compound to use.

Li-Qua-Che should be poured at the consistency of cream and contains a unique formula to reduce shrinkage during air drying.

It is non-toxic and conforms to ASTM D-4236.

This break resistant casting compound uses recycled paper and has low wear on molds.

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We have used this product and are satisfied this is the best doll body making product you can buy. Even the bits of waste you get can be tossed back into the pail and recycled. It can be thinned with water, and goes a long way.The paper fibers go to the inside and a fine finish ends up on the outside. So easy to cleanup.


We have  Fast Mache in store as well. Great for making head pates, or sculpting puppets.

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